The Pain of Arthritis

Scientists are constantly pushing the envelope in many areas, and they have come up with a number of new ways to treat many medical conditions. Some of these advances may be in staving off the inevitable, but clothes can be used for relieving a person’s agony when it comes to the pain of arthritis. Patients today have options they did not necessarily have in the past.

Centuries ago, people with arthritis had very few ways to cope with their pain. They could take warm baths to help ease it, or they might have consumed alcohol for the same reason. These were not cures. They were simply ways to ease the pain without stopping or slowing the inflammation and damage being done.

Aspirin was eventually discovered to help people with arthritis deal with their pain, and it is also an anti-inflammatory. That alone might not have stopped the damage, but it did slow it down. Taking aspirin was indicated for many sufferers to alleviate their pain, but the aspirin did have its own side effects as far as inflammation of the stomach and digestive track. That has changed in modern medicine today.

The latest way to fight the pain and damage of arthritis is through the use of biologics. These are given as injections, and patients generally get them four times per year after their initial treatment. They help stop the pain and the advancement of the damage that can occur. While they are not an entire cure, this advance has kept many people able to live better lives due to alleviation of pain and symptoms.